Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Map of True Places..

Hey there, World..How's it goin? Tonite got me thinking about something that is kinda out of the ordinary..and that is about a place where I hold dear the most..well, maybe that place is not that special for anyone..but at least it is for me and that's more than enough..

So how do we navigate our lives actually? People are born, people die, families break apart and new families are formed. Change happens from Gradually to then Suddenly. The answer, I think, lies in finding our own true places like safe havens that are home to us and make us feel like our better selves. Sometimes, these places, they exist only in memory and imagination. Almost always, they are connected with the people that we love..right?

The true place in my life is a real one..which is definitely in Kemaman, Terengganu..that place is where it all began and I promise you that I will never ever forget that place because it has so much memories..including the bad ones..When I'm back in Kemaman, I get to see my beloved family again and also get to spend time with my friends..even sometimes, go for a walk with the person that I loved..but that was in the old days..anyway, my point is that place really meant something special for me..although it's smaller than other places but I belonged there and there's no other places that I would rather be..

Lastly, whether real or imagined, true places are more important than ever in these times of great and sometimes in devastating changes. I wish for true places, real, imagined or simply remembered for all those who are suffering today. I've told you about the place I hold dear the most..What are some of your true places?

"It is not down in any map, true places are never are.." -Herman Melville

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